Me and my dogs live just outside Stockholm and I have had Sloughis for 14 years now.
Animals have always been a big part of my life. As a teenager horses was my main interest but later it shifted to dogs, but I love almost all animals, at least those who have maximum four legs!

While staying at home with my son I became a caretaker to an Irish Wolfhound, Furlongs Dillon, born 1978, who we later bought. Thanks to him I was introduced to the world of dogshows as he already was a champion. Sadly Dillon past away at the age of seven. Our next Irish Wolfhound, Clansmans Ikaros, was born 1985 and we competed in obediance, dogshows, tracked and I even trained him to be a securityguarddog since I worked as a securityguard at that time. Ikaros was one of a kind and I had the fortune to share his life for ten years. When he passed away in 1995 he left a huge void in my heart.
Under the 90:s I volounteered at a rescue-center for dogs and the German Shepherd Olhedens Cayenne came into my life. During that time I also held classes in puppytraining, obediance and tracking.
Under the years I have been president of the Swedish Azawakh- and Sloughiclub and Stockholm Lure Coursing-section and a boardmember of the Swedish Sighthoundclub and Lure Coursing committe. Now I have choosen to take a break from all boardwork.

In 1984 I saw a picture of a sloughi and it was a most beautiful sight I ever seen. I read all the information I could find about the breed since there were none in Sweden during that time. It would take twelve years, until 1996, before my dream came through and I brought Tillieville Zalute home.
The long wait was well worth it and since then I've enjoyed every second of sharing my life with these beautiful and intelligent beings...

 Photo Åsa Lindholm