I'm very proud of the two litters that made the kennel...
TOP SLOUGHIBREEDER IN SWEDEN 2005-2006-2007-2008-2009
Thank you to all the owners who has shown their dogs

I have a very small scale breeding trying to preserv the origin Sloughi. My aim is to breed sound and typical Sloughis with a good temperament, for show, lure coursing, race and the most importent - as wonderful members of your family.

In my breedingplans I give priority to the breeds origin and the dogs temperament. Even if it's not always easy to live with a dog with strong huntinginstincts it's still what they were born for. All our dogs are very social and very friendly, I prefer that as the most of the Sloughis are living in cities and suburbans nowdays!

The females are at least three years of age before mating and the puppies are of course living with us in the house being used to all the sounds in a household.

The puppies are staying until the age of 10 weeks.
They are delivered in accordance with the rules and recommendations of the Swedish Kennelclub.
They are registrated with the Swedish Kennelclub, dewormed, inoculated, microchipped, checked by veterinary before delivery and with insurance against hidden faults.

Responsibility before and after delivery is honor for me - my puppybuyers are always welcome to contact me whenever they need...

                                                                                                                            Photo Åsa Lindholm